Thursday, December 20, 2007


So, everyone but me has read Freakonomics by Stephen J Dubner and Steven D Levitt. I've seen Dubner interviewed a number of times including a hilarious section where he interviewed the hamsters on America's Next Top Model (a shameful addiction, but even Dr. Pig finds it an entertaining train wreck). I always thought Dubner looked vaguely familiar but, since anywhere I go someone usually comes up to me and swears they know my sister (I don't have a sister), went to college with me (at a different college), etc. etc., I just figured I was imagining things.

At any rate, my friend Lex posted today about the untimely but strangely inevitable death of David Enloe, the guitarist for one of my favorite bands in college: The Fabulous Knobs. The Knobs did a version of Tumbling Dice that, for my money, beat Mick Jagger half to death. These were the days when REM was just getting bigger than college pubs (instead they started playing college auditoriums).

There were lots of other fabulous bands in North Carolina in those days. My all time favorite was The Right Profile. Reading about Enloe's death made me wonder what ever happened to the guys in The Right Profile. I couldn't remember their names, but I remembered the band vividly. I still have an old cassette tape they gave me that I love.

Google is your friend.

The slightly goofy keyboard player who had a Farfisa organ he would haul around to the detriment of his back, was always my favorite. Lex and I went all over the place to see them.

The keyboard player? Dubner. Stephen J. Dubner. To quote Popeye, "Well blow me down!"

Take a listen. Dubner singing Infatuation. Jeff Foster, who is still in the music biz singing God's Little Acre.

It wasn't just the magic of college. They really were That Good.