Monday, March 31, 2008

Davidson 57 - Kansas 59

I am now obligated to hate Kansas with a burning passion.

I want UNC to beat them even if Hansborough does have a smug expression on his oddly teeny head (compared to the rest of him).

Man, it was so close. And now the national media is questioning why Curry didn't take the shot instead of passing it to Richards. Guys, the one thing you should have learned about Curry after watching him is that if he doesn't feel comfortable taking a shot, he's probably right.

This was an amazing run and the Wildcats deserve every accolade possible. It's too bad Curry won't be up for MOP. I think if they had beaten Kansas, he would have been a serious contender even if Davidson didn't advance any further. I think a case can be made that he's been the most outstanding player anyway, but the award has always confused "outstanding player of the tournament" with "biggest player on the winning team".