Wednesday, March 05, 2008

E is for Experiment

A couple of years ago, my favorite LYS had a selection of yarns from Lonesome Stone. Gorgeous, gorgeous wools and mohairs and loopy yarns in really fabulous colors. Pricey, but then there was a sale. So, I bought some of this and some of that.


Here are two skeins of wool/mohair Frasier Flats and one skein of Baby Kid Mohair in the colorway Old Blue Eyes.

I bought them with a vest in mind. The body would be the wool/mohair blend and the edgings would all be two layers of mohair.

Obviously, it never happened.

Then, Wendy posted about the Agatha shawl. I really love the pattern and had one of those moments where you want to castonimmediatelynowwhichyarncanI use.

I have a few options, but it would mean breaking up a sweater quantity of wool. Then, I remembered the Lonesome Stone. I have 650yds of the wool/mohair worsted weight and 200 yds of the mohair. The plan is to use the worsted until I complete the body and then punt. I do not think I have enough worsted to complete the shawl. The pattern used a 218 yd skein of DK for the edging, so I figure my 200 yds of heavy laceweight mohair should do the trick. If not, I'll just leave out one repeat on the edging. I think a heavy shawl with a floaty border will be sort of pretty.

Any opinions? I'd love to hear if you think my experiment will work or if you think my hypothesis is all wet! I need reassurance!