Friday, October 10, 2008


Stash diving, that is.

I was reading Fuzzy Noodle Knits the other day and I saw this. For some reason, my brain decided that I had to knit it.


You know how it is. You have elebenty-million projects already on the needles and that pile of second socks and you can no longer see any of it. Because you must knit that.

The original was knit in Noro. Noro and I don't really get along.

I love the Koigu that Caryn chose, but I have very little Koigu and the skeins I have that match are already earmarked for another project.

So, I went stash diving and really looked hard at the stash. I didn't want something overly bright or too dark. And I wanted the skeins to match at some point, in order to randomize the striping sequence a bit. Where the skeins matched, the color change would be very subtle.

I think of myself as having a largish sock stash - maybe enough for 50 pairs of socks. I have a fairly decent selection of self-striping, variegated, and semi-solids. You'd think it would be a snap.

It took a while.

But I settled on this combo.

Vesper sock in Verbena and Claudia Hand-painted in Lipstick.

I've knit just a little bit, but I love where the two reds meet. The red in the Vesper is pinker than the Claudia, so there is a very subtle shift.

I'm already thinking of combinations for another one. There is something addictive about this pattern. I've needed a No Thought Required project for a while. This one is fun.

And I should have enough leftovers to make short socks with the toes, heels, and tops in the Lipstick!