Thursday, October 07, 2004

I frogged Hallowig back to the point where I messed up and this time made a different mistake. Meh. I got my SSk and K2tog reversed. I'm not frogging it again. I'll just have funky curves on the decreases.

I also cast on for the last sleeve of Chamomile and completed the moss stitch ribbing and the first set of increases.

I'm most excited because I dug out the Lopi sweater I started for my mother about 10 years ago. I started my MBA while working full time and for that period of 3 1/2 years, I didn't knit. The sweater was abandoned. In the middle of a row, no less. So I figured out where I stopped and worked about 5 rows on it yesterday. If I work a few rows a day, I should have the yoke completed in a week or two. Then I get to cut the steeks and make up the button band. I'm in no hurry - it won't be cold enough here to wear a Lopi sweater ever. OK, maybe not until January. Texas isn't known for its snow, unless you live in the Panhandle.