Friday, November 12, 2004

On the list of "what was I thinking?"

Add hosting Thanksgiving dinner. This is not a cooking problem. I love to cook. Even though I only have one oven and it's a really small one. I can get a turkey in there but nothing else at the same time except maybe a spoon. And that would be a tight fit.

No, the problem is my living/dining room and foyer. The foyer that I ripped half the boring wallpaper off of last weekend in a fit of pique. The living/dining room that not only needs new lighting but also desperately needs to be painted. Hubster is taking Turkey Week off so we can work on the painting portion. This means that next week will be spent buying paint and taping up the room so that next Saturday (not tomorrow), we can jump in and paint paint paint. I forsee a bit too much TV in the life of the Bean that weekend. I think it only took us two days to paint it from prep to finish last time. I'm hoping that prepping early will take some time out of the equation. Why did I paint the room green in the first place? I hate green. Oh well. It'll be fine. That and some judicious cleaning (read cramming stuff into overstuffed closets so it's out of sight and the house looks neater), and we're into smooth sailing.

Hopefully, either tomorrow or Monday, Hubster can go with me to the lighting place and we can pick out a new "chandelier" and some can lights and get that installed pronto. (Yeah, I know I'm borrowing a page from the Yarn Harlot in home redecoration, but I'm hoping that it will all magically fall in place the way it seems to for her.)

Hopefully, the installation of the framing around the back door will be complete this weekend.