Thursday, December 09, 2004

A new word

And that word is ...

PANTIES! (That's going to get me some interesting hits on Google.)

Yes, yesterday there was an entire afternoon sans diaper. Those of you without children are likely to be worried that I'm a bit obsessed with my child's toileting. Those of you with children who are already toilet-trained are thinking "Thank GOD that's over with." Those of you who have children yet to be toilet-trained are probably reaching for the bourbon just thinking about it.

The only problem with panties is the complete refusal to have any other item of clothing on (other than socks) because then one would be unable to engage in constant admiration of one's Hello Kitty panties. Fine with me if you just want to wear panties but, no matter how sweetly you ask, I'm not joining you. Really. No, really.