Friday, December 10, 2004

Frogathon and a philosophy

I'm having to do an unreasonable amount of frogging on Plum. That damn Debbie Bliss and her lack of schematics. Sure, the sleeve says it's going to be 17 inches, but I was only about halfway through the raglan shaping on the first sleeve when I realized that what they meant was seventeen inches from the underarm - sound OK until you realize that the underarms on this sucker are about halfway down my ribcage. Meaning the sleeves were going to hang down past my fingertips. R-r-r-rip.

The philosophy is something I call the Guest Soap Philosophy of life (or GSPL). It's something worth remembering around the holidays. Sometimes, you get a gift of a little box of pretty soaps or candles or some other especially nice little something and you save it. You put it away for "nice", or save it for when you have guests. But, the guests never come. The occasion is never quite nice enough and, after awhile, the soaps don't smell quite as nice or the candles get dusty and melty. The GSPL is Use the Nice Stuff First. Every day is worth something nice. We, as human beings, deserve nice things.

My husband usually gives me some nice perfume and lotion set for Christmas or my birthday and I have to remind myself that, just because it's Tuesday and the only places I'm going are the grocery store and the playground, it doesn't mean I shouldn't enjoy a bit of luxury.

As a knitter, I sometimes have to remind myself that sweaters are meant to be worn. Granted, I'm not wearing Lara in lovely Alpaca Silk on a daily basis but that's only because it's 63 and sunny today and I'd die of heat rash and not because alpaca silk doesn't exactly mix well with Ol' Jelly Fingers. If we ever get any weather approaching fall (I've given up on winter), I'm going to wear it and damn the torpedos. It may get jelly on it. I have a sink and some wool wash. And a good dry cleaner.