Friday, December 17, 2004

Party party party!

My husband has invited 50 of his coworkers over for some holiday cheer tonight. Granted, we'll probably only get a 50% attendance rate, but it's still a bit daunting. Moreso because I need to provide a variety of culturally sensitive dishes. We have regular Texas carnivores, vegetarians and vegans. I usually provide alot of food vegetarians can eat, but the vegans are not going to have as many choices. Given that this is a cultural and religious issue, I want to make sure there are enough things to make everyone happy.

The list of appetizers:

The ubiquitous chips and salsa
Cannelini bean dip with home-baked pita crisps (kind of like Italian hummus)
Veggie platter with curry cheese dip and a dip similar to bagna cauda but more dippy and less saucy
Blue cheese, walnut, and arugula crostini
Assorted fruit
Granny Smith apple slices with a smear of melted smoked gouda
Ham and turkey roly polys
The Cocktail Weenies of Death (in good Southern fashion, they feature a cup of bourbon - yes, a full cup)
Nuts and wasabi peas and other munchables

All I've done so far is go to the grocery store. Bean has her Mother's Day Out Christmas pagent today. People are coming at 5.30 this evening. I need to go to Toys R Us for a present for one of Bean's friends who will be here tonight. And I need to make a last minute grocery run for a few things I couldn't find yesterday.

It's going to be a busy day.

I also need to finish a scarf for a friend who will be here tonight, but that's going to be late.