Thursday, January 06, 2005

Calling Dr Love

Yesterday, I go see my doctor for treatment of a persistant cough. Rather than do what I expect, which is give me antibiotics, she tells me she wants me to have my sinuses x-rayed. OK, sire, what the heck. I've had sinus x-rays before. So, I drive over to the hospital to their lab where I find out that I am not signed up for an x-ray. No, I'm signed up for a CT scan. I'm a bit less than thrilled to find this out at the lab rather than at the doc's where I can ask questions.

I call back today and explain that I am a bit perturbed over the CT scan given that we haven't even tried antibiotics. The doc consults with the other doc and they hem and haw over several more phone calls and, finally, while I'm in my LYS getting yarn wound, they agree to try antibiotics first but if that doesn't work then I need to have the CT scan. Sounds like a good compromise to me.

My goodness did they go whole hog on the drugs. I'm on a 20 day regimen of some horse pills that cost me 50 bucks. Without insurance it would have been $250! Keep your fingers crossed that this stuff works.