Thursday, January 27, 2005

Yeah Yeah Yeah

Way back when, I was something of a punk rocker. Last Saturday, we went to a friend's fabulous 40th birthday party. There was a "Dress the Decade" theme spanning the 60s to present. I chose the early 80s. Mostly because I still had alot of the clothes stored in a box. I couldn't bear to part with the creepers, the Docs, the mesh shirts, the dog collar. I figured I'd use it for a costume part one day. I was right.

Actually, we went to another 80s party last fall, but I couldn't pull out the punk gear as the party was given by Hubster's co-workers whom I did not know at the time. I went as Madonna circa 1987...

So, for your viewing pleasure:

Ah, the days of yore revisted. Why I did "metal fingers" I have no clue. Never did that before in my life. It seemed apropos at the time.

My hair is so dark you can't really see how spiky it is.

The funny thing is that I received many compliments on my outfit. Particularly from the guys. Several people told me I should still be dressing this way. Stay tuned for a fast forward to today's look.