Tuesday, February 01, 2005

3 going on 13

I go in to wake up the Bean and pull the covers from over her head (she is so like her father) and she glares up at me and hisses, "Leave. Me. ALONE." And yanks the covers out of my hand and pulls them over her head again.

Once again, I laughed in front of her. Really, I try. I'm sure it's crushing for her ego and will leave lasting scars like when I was 13 and my mother refused to by me Candies because they were "hooker shoes"*. I just can't help it. She's too funny. The upside is that she frequently tells me that I'm funny. So at least it's an even trade with the ego crushing.

*Sarcasm alert. I received a lovely anonymous email from someone telling me I was a horrible parent. To which I reply, "Bless your heart, you must need a humor transplant."