Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Flower Basket Bag

I started the Nicky Epstein Flower Basket bag from the new VK. The trellis pattern, while interesting, is a pain in the wrist on 19s. I'm knitting the bag in the same colors but out of Peruvian Highland Wool, doubled. I'm not much of a green person and there is an awful lot of that olive. I think I'll like it better felted. I have a feeling I'll be knitting a second one with roses in pink and red, green leaves (natch), and a black and gold trellis. But next time I'm going to just lay out the trellis on top and knot it. Same effect but much less work.

Peruvian Highland Wool for VK Flower Basket Bag

One side of the bag

Also, I keep meaning to post a picture of the nice present Chrissie sent me!

Roak from Chrissie! Patons Chacha and a pattern booklet