Monday, February 07, 2005

Seating for 300

Nothing like being in charge of seating for a charity ball. I have to seat 300 people and make them all happy. I have three meetings this week on seating arrangements! Everyone wants their hand in the pickle jar. Fine with me, more shares for the blame if someone is unhappy ;>

This is shaping up to be a doozy of a week!

In knitting news, I have complete the pocket, bottom, and handles as well as one side of the VK Flower Basket Bag. I've also finished the knitting portion of the Colinette afghan thingy. Hopefully, the sun will cooperate and I can get some decent pictures up later today!

Knitting goals for this week. 1.) Undo the wonky arm seam on Cate and redo it. My LYS has some variegated ribbon that should make a really nice tie. Then she'll be Sensible Cate (with a ballet-style tie on one side) rather than Big Fat Unwieldy Tie Over My Stomach Cate. Once again, never trust a picture. 2.) Cast on for the second Silk Garden scarf. And, 3.) Cast on for side two of the Rowan denim jumper.

The other goal is to resist casting on for the other side of the flower basket until next week. Man but that sucker is going to be HUGE! I am already planning a second, much smaller version in brighter colors.