Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Good Ness

Blogger went wonky on me and wouldn't let me post yesterday.

At some point last week, Hubster took Bean to the park and picked up a stick on the wheel of the stroller (it's a jogger so the wheels are inflatable rather than the hard plastic on regular strollers). He removed said stick and the wheel deflated. He threw said stick on the floor of the garage.

Yesteray, I discovered that there was a huge freaking thorn on the stick. I discovered this with my foot which now has a nice hole in it. Oh well, at least the Bean didn't discover the thorn with her foot. I never really liked those shoes anyway ;>

In knitting news, there is no knitting news. I did finish my socks (YAY!). I think I may trek up to my LYS and check out the new Rowan Cotton Rope. I want a sweater that's a reasonably straightforward and quick knit and I'm a slut for Rowan.

I have a number of projects I was thinking about before The Flu, but now I seem to have lost some of my momentum.