Thursday, March 10, 2005

I Hate Nicki Epstein

The digital camera is hiding from me so no pics today. The way today is going, I'd probably just break it.

Today I finished the Rowan Denim jumper. It's adorable. It's a good thing it's adorable because I also finished my first sock (had to miss class last night after all) and it's a bit too short.

I wasn't even very discouraged by that until I felted the roses for the godforsaken flower basket bag. I didn't sew them up quite firmly enough and they all turned themselves inside out. Two cannot be salvaged. And we won't even discuss the leaves. They look like crap - even the ones that might work look like crap. Most of them kind of fell apart. Peruvian Highland Wool felts horribly unless it's a tight gauge. I've been underwhelmed by this bag the whole way and am to the point where I'll finish it but I'm not going to like it. I'll save it for a Christmas gift.

Two knitting disasters in one day. OK, one novice learning experience and one disaster but still. The worst thing is that I'm still pretty much bedridden so I really want to knit but at this point am a bit intimidated.

Grr. Time for a SWEATER!!! Creeper is going to be moved up on the do list.