Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Because all the cool kids are doing it:

10 Things I Have Done That You Probably Haven’t

1. Worked sound and lights for REM. Ditto The Fixx, Thompson Twins, Bangles, and Zubin Mehta.

2. I usually am given at least one round of free drinks in any bar I go into. Anywhere. Regardless of whether I know anyone in the bar. (I once was given free beer for myself and my husband at the Iowa State Fair from a guy at the Turkey Council booth.)

3. Been whitewater rafting down the same river as in the movie Deliverance.

4. Been hit by a car as a pedestrian.

5. Dated a professional skateboarder.

6. Busted my ass (broke my tailbone).

7. Won a food grossout contest between myself, a friend from Japan and a friend from India. I won with a can of Armor Brains in Milk.

8. Hitched a ride in Ireland with the owner of the local taxi concession.

9. Knew at least one person everywhere I went for several years. (Seriously, on a 48 hour trip to Chicago I knew someone in the row in front of me on the plane to Chicago, ran into someone I knew while in the city and on the plane home, sat behind someone I knew. I had never been to Chicago before.)

10. Engaged in synchronized burping on a friend's radio show on a mjor station. During a song.

Over the last week, I've survived a week-long incursion by the out-laws. Actually, that's uncharitable. They are lovely people and the Bean adores having them. And it's certainly a nice break from the constantcy of toddler-care for Hubster and me. Nevertheless, it's still a week of someone else living in your house. No matter how much you like them being there, it's kind of a relief when they leave. (And before anyone suggests that they limit their visits to shorter stays, it was my idea that they stay a week. Bean doesn't get to see them but every few months and it's important both for her and for them to have the time together.)

I've also had a flareup of a painful but minor physical malady I won't discuss in detail except to say that I'm in alot of pain right now but I'll be better in a couple of days. I'm probably destined for surgery (outpatient) to fix said issue but right now I just want to deal with this and get back to where I can concentrate. Hopefully, I'll be able to go to sock class tonight.