Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I bought Teva Durham's new book Loop-d-loop the other day. (I said I was going to try not to buy too much yanr; I said nothing about books! Besides, I hade a coupon at Borders.)

What a cool book!!! I really liked the lace leaf pullover in the new IK and I can say that there are tons of patterns in the book I'd like to knit. My only problem is that most of her designs are knit in very bulky wools which I have very little need of. However, her approach is very refreshing compared to your average Rowan design so, I feel fairly confident in doubling a cotton/acrylic or something like that to come up with a design that is more wearable in my climate. She has an interesting approach to knitting and it will be nice to have a book that encourages me to take a few more risks in how I approach knitting rather than just a more challenging pattern (although there are plenty of those!).

I am almost finished with the back of Ines. No picture because it looks exactly the same, just longer. As with most Rowan patterns, no hint is given on a good way to approach the decreases in pattern so I always have a good time sitting down and figuring out exactly what needs to happen, keeping in mind that the YOs in this pattern need to not interfere with seaming.

I also tinked out about 12 rows of the Flower Basket Shawl. I really want to start knitting on that one again, but am going to wait until I can get up to my LYS and confirm that I have, indeed, gone back to beyond the problem. I also put in a new lifeline and knotted it so The Bean can't floss with this one!