Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I have enough yarn in this house to last me the next couple of years. Granted, this is truly an amateur stash as compared to many, but it's enough to give me the heebies jeebies at times.

In order to get some sort of grip on the stash, I am going to try to knit at least one large (sweater or pair of socks) and one small (scarf, felted bag) project from stash for each new project I want. (It takes me as long to knit a pair of socks as it does a sweater at this point so I'm calling socks a large project.) This seems a reasonable approach to encourage me to knit stash projects while still getting to buy new projects. Most of the yarn I have was bought with a specific project in mind, so it's not like I'm waiting for a project to be "worthy" of the yarn. They are all projects I really want to knit; both for the process and for the finished item. The yarn is all fairly high-end. There is no excuse for me not to knit it just because it has sat in the cupboard for a while..

Here's the really nutso part: I'm going to attempt to maintain this feat of stashbusting until the end of the year. Although, if I go to Rhinebeck, I will give myself a budget after which all bets are off!

There are two caveats: the first is that I will buy what I want during my trip in June. The second is that if Elann brings back the Den-M-Nit, I can buy some.

Think I can make it?