Monday, May 09, 2005

Thank you Secret Pal!

My secret pal turned out to be Maureen of Irishknits. There was something of a saga involved with the whole SP4 thing. My original pal accidentally emailed me with her real name and blog. So, Jacqueline set me up with a new pal. Who was my original secret pal? Maureen of Irishknits! Hee! They bamboozled me big time. Of course, in a rare move for me, I did not make any attempt whatsoever to find out the identity of my secret pal.

My final gift was four skeins of Lamb's Pride in gorgeous colors and a cool felted bag pattern. I've never used Lamb's Pride before so this will be a real treat. I was a good girl. I did take a picture. Somehow, my computer does not want to recognize the fact that I downloaded the picture and, in a fit of efficiency, I've deleted the original off of my camera so I'll have to take another pic.

Thanks again for being such a great Secret Pal, Maureen!

In other knitting news, I completed the Brainwash Shrug (which looks pretty much the same as it did Saturday). And, Ines is coming along swimmingly. I'm about halfway through the back.

The pattern is reminiscent of Butterfly. It took me a couple of tries to get the patterned decreases correct, but I finally have it planned out. I really like the Rowan Linen Print. The texture of the yarn is on the rough side, but the color variegations are really beautiful.