Thursday, June 30, 2005

Gone Daddy Gone

Name the band.

We are getting ready to make our annual 4th of July pilgrimage to Iowa. My husband hails from Iowa. We are driving. I am somewhat less than excited about making said drive with a three-year-old.

My current projects had quite the dust-up over who gets to go on the trip. The winners:


The Artyarns silk is striping. Now that I'm out of the lace repeats, the stripes are fairly narrow so I'm letting the yarn do what it wants. I'll figure out how to keep an approximation of the same striping when I divide for the top.

I can finish this one on said trip.

Fiery Bolero
Soul-crushingly boring. Perfect for knitting while driving through the wasteland that is Missouri between Joplin and Kansas City. Seriously, there ain't nothin' between Joplin and Kansas City unless you feel like a side trip.

I finished the Flower Basket Shawl. 4 rows to go and I had to buy an extra skein of yarn. Grr. But it's pretty and will look great after a good blocking. I'm usually pretty lax about blocking my sweaters. I take out all my blocking aggression on lace projects.

I might have bought something

Alot of something. Something being 1440 yds. of Cherry Tree Hill Oceania in the Fall Foliage colorway (the toop pic is more accurate). The yarn is a wonderfully springy boucle with just a touch of shiny in it. Already on it's way to becoming The Neverending Shawl (their name). Or, rather, a smaller version of said shawl. Their version uses the whole 1440 yds and measures 73 inches from this way to that way and 52 inches from here to there. I'm only 61 inches tall. I think it might be just a tad long on me.

The two cakes stacked on each other are connected. I wound the first smaller cake of yarn and then thought about it and got a bit irked that even though it's one skein of yarn, I was still going to have ends to weave in because no one has a ball winder that big. So, I wound a big fat cake from about half of the remaining yarn and then found the other end and wound from that direction. The downside is that this is not a portable project. But hey, only two ends to weave in!