Thursday, June 30, 2005

Orange Whip?

I just dyed my hair orange.

Usually, I use the Deeply Brown Feria every few months or so (OK, more like when I remember and then get around to it) to cover the gray. It's a reasonable approximation of my own dark brown hair and it's not all red like most brown hair dyes. But I thought I'd try something new. I thought that Deeply Bronze Brown would be like the picture on the box - Deeply Brown but a bit more golden. Maybe a bit more flirty summery fun.

I wasn't expecting brown with an ORANGE GLOW.

Damn you, Feria.

Thank God I have some basic ash brown emergency backup Preference in my medicine cabinet*, because I'm leaving for Iowa this damn morning and I'm not going with orange hair. My hair will be fried, but that's what they make conditioner for, right?

Take note: when Feria says bronze, they mean copper pot.

*Yes, I have emergency backup hair color on hand. It could be worse. When I was pregnant, my husband woke up to me sleepwalking and going on and on about how we'd forgotten to take the emergency backup dog out of the closet to feed it on schedule. I was under the delusion that we had two dogs and kept one in the linen closet. Every two days, we'd switch them. Those hormones are fun things, boy howdy!

Edited to add: Oh, to hell with it. Dr. Pig (aka my husband, but that's a story for another time) says it's not that bad. Granted, he's red-green colorblind, but I'm having faith. Plus, his cousin owns a hair salon (written up in several fashion mags for their excellent color work) so I might just get Cousin to fix it. Cousin went into hair to "meet chicks." He's an interesting guy. God only knows what I'd end up with but I'll bet it would be fabulous.