Thursday, July 07, 2005

Because you were all waiting with bated* breath

Went to the grocery store. Have food. Tummy happy.

Made anti-baldness appointment with pediatric dermatologist. Recommended doctor is in a teaching hospital and only sees patients on Tuesdays. Other recommended doc had no appointments until two weeks from now. By which time, I imagine the side of Bean's head would be pretty damn bare. So, at the horrifyingly early hour of 8.15 am next Tuesday, I have an appointment. I say horrifying not because 8.15 is that early, but because I will have to leave the house at around 7.15 to get there on time. Which means I have to wrangle the Bean out off the house at 7.15 am. I was hoping I wouldn't have to do that until kindergarten.

Bean's favorite new movie is Mary Poppins.

Must not forget to pick up dog from vet's in about an hour.

Requisite knitting content: Over the course of the trip, I finished the pieces of Cookie, knit a great whack of Fiery Bolero before discovering that my row gauge is waaaaaaaaay off, and knit a few inches of Soleil. Am currently trying to decide if I should just finish the bolero and enjoy a roomy fit or set the project on fire.

* Yes, it is bated and not "baited". I always cringe whenever I see "baited." And imagine that person with fish breath. For more info, go here.