Friday, July 08, 2005

Tripping Pt1

Since Bean is now three, we decided to try and travel light. Dr. Pig and I used to be the sort of people who could take one small suitcase and a daypack for a long weekend trip. Having a child changes that because not only do you need all of the child-related items, it's a good idea to pack a few extra shirts and such for yourself because of the inevitable Attack of the Jelly Hands (or Yogurt Face).

I asked Bean to help me pack. I told to pick three toys to take with her and we picked 5 videos. The Dr. and I decided that we wouldn't let her know we had the travel VCR until we really needed it. The only packing problem came while we were in Iowa and Bean realized she did not have any dress-up clothes with her.
"But I want to be a priiiiiiiiinceeeeeeesssssss."
"Sweetie, you are always a princess."
"I can't be a princess in shorts."
Fortunately, I had packed an extremely twirly dress that sufficed when combined with the ballerina slippers.

We didn't leave until around 1pm on Friday, but made it to Carthage, Missouri in reasonable time.

We got a king bed for all of us.

I used to have some nostalgia for all the time The Bean spent in utero elbowing me in the ribs and digging her feet into the sciatic nerves in the left leg (she was transverse). After the reanctment that was staged Friday night, I think I'm over it.

Saturday, we had the choice of going to the Precious Moments Chapel (only with tongues firmly in cheeks), but decided instead to make the Annual Pilgrimage to Cabela's in KC. For the uninitiated, Cabela's bills itself as The World's Foremost Outfitter. They have a great selection of cute t-shirts and "sporty" clothes and we always get a few things. They also have several huge fresh water aquariums with sport fish in them and a disturbing number of taxidermied wild animals around the store. The Bean thought it was great. While I would have given quite alot to be able to go into KC to eat a burnt ends sandwich at Arthur Bryant's*, that would have extended our trip by an undoable amount, so I had to make do with a grilled chicken salad at the Cabela's restaurant (the place is seriously huge). Bean was able to get a bowl of Cheerios and a cup of yogurt, so it was probably a better deal because there is no food at Bryant's that we'd be able to get her to eat.

We didn't make it to Iowa until dinnertime. Notice I haven't mentioned the VCR yet! And I did not spend the whole time entertaining her. Instead, I finished the back of Cookie!

The 4th in the Dr's hometown is always filled with alot of fireworks and visits to old friends who still live in the area. The people across the street from my in-laws had some serious fireworks going on. I don't know how much money they spent, but I'd estimate into the serious hundreds. Of course, we had a few as well, but nothing like the semi-pro set-ups across the street. Bean was most impressed and not frightened at all. I've learned that the main thing is all how you sell it. Last year, I told her the fireworks were "pop-pops" and it was just noise. She accepted that explanation and found it all fun this year. She doesn't like the really loud stuff, but she just covers her ears and laughs.

Later: the mini-midway, the parade, the catfight, pictures, and yarn.

*I will always be loyal to Texas barbeque over other versions, but I have to admit that the burnt ends make me seriously consider alternate barbeque religions. Thank you to Poppymom for continuing to torture me about my failure to accomplish the mission this trip.