Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Just turn on a fan

Yesterday afternoon, we had a whopper of a storm. An hour of hard rain and about 20 minutes of marble-sized hail. The power went out and didn't come back on until almost 9.30pm. It's funny how bored I got last night when it was too early to go to bed. My husband and I started laughing and I said, "Gee, I guess we could talk to each other or something." I wasn't quite up to knitting by candlelight. I'm all for romance, but I needed my arm to fan myself.

I called my mother to let her know about the storm. Oddly, they live 10 minutes away and didn't get the storm at all. I told her about the power being out and said it was getting a bit hot and she said, "At least you have fans to keep you cool!" Uh, yeah. I have a magazine and my arm...

For some reason, my mother always thinks that if the air conditioner is off, that it's broken. She forgets the whole I don't have any electricity part of having no electricity. We have this conversation every time my power goes out. I live in a neighborhood where storms seem to concentrate and there are tons of trees - the power goes out alot.

I made the mistake of leaving the light switch on the Bean's room and after the power came back on, I tried to sneak in and turn it off but she woke up and told me, "That wasn't very nice of you to wake me up." She kept admonishing me and I started laughing. "Don't laugh at me!", she said. I told her, "I'm not laughing at you; I'm laughing because you make me happy."

This morning was the pediatric dermatologist. Bean has ringworm. (I knew it.) The treatment is TWO MONTHS of oral antifungal antibiotic. The only good part is that the medicine needs to be taken with fatty foods, which means I'm going to give her a bowl of ice cream when she takes her meds. I just need to remember that I am not being medicated and I do not need ice cream . I can just see it, "Child gets ringworm. Mother gains 20 pounds."

Edited to add: Woohoo, IT'S back! Now, if only they'd have it on cones!