Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Medicated milkshakes and Cookie crumbles

The first dosage of the ringworm medication went down with a heaping helping of hysterics. I feel like the worst kind of dog making my child cry and utterly helpless at knowing that we were going to have to go through this every freaking day for the next two months. Then, my brilliant husband saw the trees through the forest and told me to make milkshakes. Now I'm on a quest to figure out the minimum amount of milkshake needed to disguide the taste of this nasty medication. And hoping like hell that the Bean doesn't get tired of milkshakes!

Yarn souvenir from Creative Corner in Des Moines, Iowa!

Opal Handpainted!

Cookie is seamed and complete minus a collar.

I tried the sweater on Bean.

It's a bit big.

You're thinking that this "mistake" could have very easily been avoided if I'd taken her measurements properly. Ah, but I did take her measurements. You know how sometimes you want a big. sloppy sweater to hang out in? And, although it's way too wide and long. it still looks good? I knit Cookie too big to see just how big it could be before it was "too big in the wrong size sense" rather than "just a bit big and sloppy". Because children's clothing only fits for a short time and, while I want the things I knit to look nice on my daughter, it certainly doesn't hurt me if it fits her for a couple of years.

I knew it would fit at some point, so it's not like it was wasted effort. I've dicovered that I need to knit the 2-3 year size in the sweaters in the Miss Bea's books and add a bit of length to extend their lifetime.

I may wait to knit the collar until the sweater is closer to fitting her.

Now I have to start another sweater that will fit her this year ;>