Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My milkshake is better than yours

You need approximately 4 ounces of chocolate milkshake to dilute the (admittedly nasty) flavor of 2 1/2 teaspoons of griseofulvin to an acceptable flavor for a three year old. I now need a beer to wash the nasty taste tests out of my mouth. The things I do for my child.

More fun ringworm facts: while ringworm on the body can be easily cured by the application of something like lotrimin, once it's on your scalp, it has pretty much invaded your body. That's why ringworm is not a big deal for most people. But no one in my family does anything halfway! The good thing is that they gave us a precription shampoo as well and between that and the medicine, she can still play with her friends and everything. At least it's not The Summer of Confinement.

In Bean Knitting News, I have some pretty duck egg blue Debbie Bliss Cotton Silk Aran. I'm thinking about Poppy again.

This starts me on my rant of how there are a few too many Debbie Bliss patterns that look really similar and have very similar construction. Two examples:

Poppy, Molly, Bolero, Fiery Bolero, Shrug

All of the above are boleros that look pretty similar.

Lola, Lara, Mia

The above three as well as Molly and Fiery Bolero (I haven't read the Bolero and Shrug patterns, so I'm not sure about how they are knit) are all knit in one piece from sleeve to sleeve.

I'm not saying they aren't good designs. After all, I've knit Lara, I'm knitting Fiery Bolero, and I'm about to start Poppy. I'm sure you could come up with a similar theory for Rowan patterns but, if so, it's at least not half so obvious to the casual observer. But, Rowan has a number of designers so, while the work may have similarities within the porfolio of a designer, overall there are enough different designers to make it a bit more interesting. To me, Bliss is starting to get repetitive enough to where a few other designers under her umbrella might help. Alternately, I guess you could think of these as her "signature patterns". Or, maybe I'm just overthinking the whole thing as usual.