Thursday, August 18, 2005

Crazy from the heat

It's 100F with a heat index of 105F. The worst thing about August in Texas is that you'd love to be able to take your child to the park two blocks away but unless it's 9am, it's too hot to be outside for longer than it takes an egg to fry.

What, you've never fried eggs in the sun before?

Totally a fun thing to do with the kids.

A word of advice though, don't fry them directly on the hood of your car because they'll damage your paint job.

When it's this hot, there is only one thing to do: knit with mohair! Because your hot, sticky, humid little hands will only improve the experience of knitting with Kidsilk Spray.

That's right, the new Kidsilk Spray! I'm going to knit the River Stole. I chose a pretty blue under the name of Medici. I'm hankering to know what the variegation will look like.

The beads I chose match the lighter blue in the yarn.

I'd love some opinions because I've never knit with beads before. And I'm thinking it would be very pretty to have beads on the cast on and cast off edges of the shawl as well as the knot thingie. Any advice? (PLEASE, I'm begging for advice.)