Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Busy Bees

It's been fairly busy around here and today is no exception. I'm about to leave the house to take The Bean to a doctor's appointment after which she will have her first "ballet" lesson. We are very excited about the ballet although last night, she got very worried about "dance class". She told me, "Mama, I have a big, big problem. I don't know how to dance." As a parent, those kinds of statements always make me so sad for her. Of course, I explained that no one else in the class would either and reminded her that she had met her teacher, etc. She was OK after that but I hate the thought of the poor thing worrying about anything this young.

I started River and did put the beads on the cast on. More about that later. I adore the Kidsilk Spray. It's gorgeous. The variegation is quite beautiful. Rowan knows what they are doing.