Thursday, August 25, 2005

Mad as hell

I'm in Target today and the woman behind me in line sees Bean and casually remarks, "You know, someone left a baby in their car in the parking lot. The car was running but I don't think that's right."

I about had a heart attack. I mustered the security guards and we all went to the lot, but of course the jerks were gone. I also had a few words for the lady who told me all of this, namely that she should have immediately gone to the service desk and reported this and it was illegal to leave your child alone in a car. She was a few tacos short of a combo plate but I think she got the point that perhaps saying something first and going shopping after might be the better priority. I hope the person who left their child in the car, I don't care if it was running, gets theirs. Karma is a bitch, asshole.

In this heat, it is the depths of stupid to leave your milk in the car, much less any living creature in this heat. Leaving the car running is a really good way to get your car (and child) stolen. People do this all the time and iit frequently plays out like this: their cars get stolen, the theives discover a baby in that back seat, the theives abandon the car. Not running. Usually not a pretty ending.

Man, I'm pissed.