Friday, August 26, 2005

When it's hotter than hell

Knit a really thick wool sweater.

Yes, I've abandoned River and taken up with the Muench Naturwolle I got for a song last winter. Because when it's 103F outside and the heat index (think wind chill for hot climates) is not to be contemplated, you want to knit a sweater that you may get to wear once a year. But, oh, how I love this yarn. Soft and thick and the best kind of squishy.

The yarn colors are sort of murky so it was impossible to get a decent picture without the red bias in my camera turning the whole thing bright purple. The colors all have a muted, dusky quality: purples, deep cranberry, navy and a bit of black.

I'm making the pattern up as I go along (yes, I'm writing it down so the front is similar to the back). It's going to be a zippered cardigan with deep ribbing at the hem and cuffs and a really deep ribbed collar. I intend to use it as a jacket if it every gets below freezing again.