Sunday, August 28, 2005

Walken on Main Street

The Continental is running for President!*

In other news, I have finished the back, one sleeve and one front of The Purple People Eater (I had to name the thing) . I seamed them all up to see if I was on track. So far, so good although the darkness of the yarn makes an accurate picture impossible. I'm hoping to complete the second front today and have the sweater sans collar and zipper finished by Wednesday at which point I can try in on for the camera. I took a number of pictures and the theme of all of them was - The Dark Blob. The pieces are measuring out to my specs and I've had to do remarkably little frogging. Yay me!

*OK, he's not really running for President. It's a genmay joke. But man, wouldn't it be a hoot?! And the Walken2008 web site has a great poster.