Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday is for Tinking

I seem to have screwed up FBS2 in the exact same part of the pattern sequence I screwed it up last time around.

I am a bit annoyed at myself because I knew there was a problem about two rows back and blithely ignored it. The problem with lace, unlike sweaters, is that you can't really ignore extra stitches. Ah well, apparently Friday is for Tinking.

In small project news, I finished two ungodly novelty yarn scarves that I was supposed to have given as gifts last year. I tend to want my goofy knitting only in felted bags so I really put off knitting these scarves. Fortunately, the recipients did not know they were coming so I can just give them this year. That leaves me with a small lace scarf and one more novelty scarf to go. The other completions for this month are the Oceania Never-Ending Shawl (Boy howdy did they name that one correctly) and FBS2. I'm on a completion binge and I'm trying to take advantage of it because once it stops, I'll end up with the pile of sweaters on the dining room table again.