Friday, August 05, 2005

A liberal application of Elmo and Leapfrog have allowed me to get my FSB2 issues sorted out and I'm back on track and now into the 8th repeat. We normally don't watch this much TV, but Bean had a bad night and is cranky as hell today. If a bit more TV than usual is what it takes to sooth my savage little beastie then by God that's the plan.

I talked to a friend earlier today who advised me to make her take a nap. That's what got us into this mess. Yesterday, we spent the morning on the McKinney Avenue Trolley with a group of friends (no air-conditioning and 100F+ heat - whee) and Bean took a nap about 3. At 5.30 I went in to check her vitals and was confronted with my child in Stage 4 sleep. I did everything but bang a pan with a spoon to wake her up. We went out with friends last night and Bean pretty much refused the babysitter's suggestions for going to be and got back up when we got home. What, I ask you, is the point of a babysitter if not to escape having to put your child to bed for a night? Ah well, it was hardly the sitter's fault. We could see our fate before we left but had hope. At any rate, it was close to 11 freaking PM before we could get her near the bed and we could hear various wails and moans from the room at points during the night. She's not napping today so we can get her to sleep early tonight.

As far as FBS goes, I'm not sure if I'm going to do 9 repeats or not. I'm fairly sure I have enough yarn, but I'm getting a bit antsy on finishing the sucker. I may complete the 8thh repeat and then put it up for a while to marinate. I'd hate to have put all this work in and be disappointed with the size.