Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The second Canteen Bag. Maybe "subdued" wasn't quite the right word, but in comparison to the first Canteen Bag, well, it is subdued.
The red/plum yarn is handpainted Woolpak 8 ply doubled. The black is Lopi. Bean is at Mother's Day Out right now and it's really overcast outside so I'm hoping to finish this one today.

I know I said August was going to be Small Projects Month, but I might have cast on for a new sweater.

Saffy from Rowan's Denim People.

You cast on 377 stitches and then decrease over the next two rows to your regular number of stitches creating a big ruffle at the hem. It's so dark outside I had trouble getting a decent picture, but there is a medallion pattern. I am really enjoying this pattern.

And I ordered a little something for myself. And another something similar in blues.

I blocked the second Flower Basket Shawl but I'm going to have to wait for some sun for a decent picture. I will say that I should have swatched some of the pattern on this one because, even though Silky Wool calls for a 6US needle and I only used an 8US for the shawl, it's a bit too open and you lose some of the pattern. The Cathay version came out a bit better although I felt like it wasn't loose enough. I can't win.

I'm not unhappy with FBS2; it's just not quite perfect. Which means, at some point, I will have to knit FBS3. But not any time soon.