Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Smite, Smote, Smitten?

How do you conjugate smite bayond smote?

This weekend, Bean was distressed to see ants near her sandbox and commanded the Almighty Daddy to fix this problem immediately, if not sooner.* Daddy said, "I'll find something to kill the ants." Bean replies, "Let's get a shovel!!!" You have to imagine the excitement in her voice. It was a killer. Where she got the shovel thing I have no idea. Of course, my husband runs with it and teaches her to say, "We must smite the ants with a shovel!"

*Unfortunately, Bean has inherited my sense of patience. My problem with immediate gratification is that it takes too damn long.

In knitting news, I was badly bitten by the felting bunny. There are two felted bags drying in my laundry hall. (I don't have a laundry room per se, more like a laundry hallway on the way to the garage,) I'm too lazy to take a picture right now but trust me, they are bright. You'll need glasses.

And now I will wax somewhat philosophical. I have decided that August is going to be Small Projects Month. I have a whole bag full of little scarves and this and thats I have been meaning to knit for a long time. This month, I'm knitting them. I'm also going to finish FBS2:EB and Oceania. That will set me up for September feeling a bit less oppressed by my stash and back in the mood to knit some sweaters!