Thursday, September 22, 2005

Willaby Wallaby Woo

An elephant sat on you!

This is Bean's new favorite song. The next verse requires you to sing it about someone and subtitute a "W" for the first letter in their name resulting in:

Willaby Wallaby Wommy
An elephant sat on Wammy!?!?! (Yes, she injects those punctuation marks into her speech.)

A few more verses (Womatoes, Wolly - Molly the dog, Waddy. etc.) and she's cracking herself up to the point where it really does get pretty funny. Or crazy-making. Something.

I needed a new knitting project like a hole in the head but...

One-Skein Wonder here I come. I'm going to make one in the turquoise Cotton-Ease to get a feel for the pattern beause I'm not in the mood to adapt for gauge and size straight off

Then, I can adapt the pattern and make one for Bean and one in the Suede. How cool will that be?!

The CD is a band called the Ex-Husbands. Excellent country in the "Johnny Cash drinkin' and killin' and my woman done left me" vein.