Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricane Preparation

Just received this from a police officer with Crimewatch:

> Hurricane Rita is now a Cat 4 (131-155).  The  models used to track
> hurricanes show that the probable impact will be near Matagorda. With
> this being the general location of landfall, the strongest side of the
> storm will severely impact the greater Harris County (Houston) with
> destructive winds, very heavy rains, and tornadoes.
> After landfall, the track of the storm is projected to move over Dallas
> - Fort Worth area. If the storms reach land at a Cat 4, by the time
> it reaches DFW, it should be a CAT 1. We will experience wind gusts
> at time greater than 50 mph up to 74 mph. The Metroplex will
> experience the affects of Hurricane Rita by Saturday afternoon. We can
> expect periods of heavy rains and possible tornadic event associated
> with the rain bands. I would suggest that you stock up on batteries
> and potable waters. Fuel up your vehicles.
Note that I am in Dallas. Several hours from the coast. Rita is now a Cat 5 hurricane. I have a friend evacutating here. I have other friends in Houston and the area who I hope are evacuating. Katrina was beyond scary and Rita is looking to be a bigger storm than Katrina.

I remember I was home from college for the summer when Alicia hit Houston. I was supposed to go to a Simon and Garfunkel reunion tour but we had such wind and rain in Dallas that my parents forbade me from going. Of course, the stadium is open air and now I can see their point but boy I was angry at the time.