Monday, September 19, 2005

You Say Tomato

Meet Tomatoes.

Bean almost named her "Broccoli" so I think we lucked out on Tomatoes! Molly the dog is not going to eat Tomatoes but she looks like she's thinking about it!

Tomatoes is from the book Knitted Babes. A total blast to knit. Her dress is knit out of Limbo Mexiko because I am a total sucker. Hopefully, I have enough yarn left with which to knit the second sock. I weighed the leftovers and how much I used out of the second ball and it should be enough to squeak by. Totally worth it if I end up having to buy another ball, though.

I played with several different arm and leg ideas rather than the noodle arms but, I have to say, the noodley appendages look the best.

I've already knit her panties, a ballet top, and made a tulle ballet skirt.

I'm now working on the "Pig-Tailed Dolly" from Weekend Knitting. Bean has dictated that this dolly will be named "Pickles". And that I need to make another dolly like Tomatoes as well. That dolly will be named Petunia. I hate to break it to Bean, but Petunia is going to be mine. And she'd going to have a slightly diffferent attitude about her. Heh, heh, heh...