Thursday, October 13, 2005

Which witch is which?

At some point in early September, Bean decided it was Halloween. Halloween must have been discussed at school because I certainly hadn't even thought about it at that point. Bean decided she needed to be a witch. With a "pokey hat." So, the second my beloved SuperTarget got in their Halloween costumes, we sped over and bought a witch costume and a broom and the aforementioned pokey hat (even though the costume comes with it's own hat). I haven't let her wear it yet because, while there is a slightly tattered effect going on with the costume, I want that effect to be part of the costume rather than literal. Plus, I was hoping she'd maintain a sense of excitement about the whole thing.

Meanwhile, she's decided she wants to be a "purple princess".

Or a pirate.

And I'm smarter than I think I am because this is the costume I bought.

Looks like a purple princess- pirate-witch to me!