Tuesday, November 29, 2005


It's windy here. This means my nose is is trying to sneeze the rest of my body off.

In other news, several months ago, the people who live catty-corner to us sold their house. To some mysterious someones who have the yard mowed but have done nothing else. Nothing includes doing something so predictable as moving in. Last week, we found out why. They started cutting down trees. In our fair city, this means one thing - "Remodeling".

After listening to the dreamy sounds of chainsaws all last week, I was quite relieved when the tree-killers left. Then, it came to me in a stunning burst of clarity.
I'm going to be living across the street from an effing CONSTRUCTION SITE! Just what I wanted for Christmas.

I don't begrudge the people their add-on - the house is about 1900 square feet (remember, in Texas we don't have basements) which is on the exceedingly small side. They'd just better not have construction people parking in front of my house for months. (OK, maybe there is a bit of grudge as I'm going to have to listen to it.)

No, I'm not on the neighborhood welcoming committee. Why do you ask?