Thursday, December 01, 2005


As in me.

I just got home. I spent all day decorating the great room at the church for Cookies with St. Nicholas on Sunday. Now, I just have to bake and decorate 4 dozen or so cookies on Saturday. And confirm the power supply issues for the bounce house. Because a Christmas party needs a bounce house. After saying "No" to serving on the party committee, I suddenly found myself serving on the party committee.

I finished Nykvarn last night and, so, was able to wear it today. Pictures tomorrow. There are a few minor quibbles I have with the finished product, but, considering that I deviated fairly substantially from the pattern requirements (beginning with the fact that I am a woman and not a teenage boy), I'm happy. It certainly was a lovely thing to wear today. I'm thinking that wool vests may become the new Texas Sweater (kind of like the fingerless mitts are Texas Mittens). I can knit with my beloved wool, but I have half the warmth of your full size sweater, thus enabling wearage on more than the three days a year it is actually cold!

I sent my husband a link to the Schoolhouse Press web site today and told him to order me a copy of Sweaters from Camp. Given that he usually waits to do any Christmas shopping until the 24th, we'll see what reality brings ;>