Thursday, November 10, 2005

It was a close thing.

A very close thing.

But, I did, indeed, finish the *^@$&%@$#* sleeve bands for Kepler. All I have left is some stockinette and that nasty applied I-cord and I'm done. Oh, and seaming. But I lurve me some seaming so that is the part I look forward to!

Still Life of a Weekend.
That's a huge bucket of mix for frozen Cosmopolitans (and some damn nice bourbon that snuck it's way into the photo).Those Cosmos taste like a lickered up Slurpee. I won the bucket playing Bunco. As the worst Bunco player that night, I won the booze. Not an unhappy moment but I paid for it by having to play Bunco in the first place. Nuff said about me and Bunco.

Back to Kepler. I'll be dipping into the Cosmos during Survivor tonight.