Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sleep of the Damned

I have this little problem with insomnia. Last night, no sleep until around 3.30am. Bean awakened me at 7am. You do the math.

Mom came through the surgery fine. Now it's just a waiting game to see how well the transplant heals.

Outlaws arrive today. I'm actually very lucky in that my inlaws are, generally, very nice people and we get along fairly well. I'm planning on sleeping very late tomorrow!

There was so much sitting and waiting yesterday, that I finished the knitting part on two more Gardening Mitts.

Lavendar pair: One complete. One needs ends woven in and flower applied.

Pink and orange pair: One needs ends woven in. Knit and apply flowers for both.

Blue, black, purple pair: Both need seaming and all other finishing. Second mitt is in back bedroom and I'm not fetching it.

I need to have the lavendar and blue pairs really finished for giving tomorrow night.

This whole experiment has taught me that I'm not so sure about angora. I was thinking of ordering the kit for the Sugarplum Sweater from Handknit Holidays from Kimmet Croft, but the angora is really starting to make me itch. My only saving grace may be that while the Louisa Harding is 70% angora, whereas the Softie is only 25%. I'll continue to think about it.

Tomorrow, COOKIES! If you're nice to me, I'll give you my fabu rum ball recipe.