Thursday, December 22, 2005

The eyes have it

Mom is fine. She can already see out of the new eye! We teased her that it's green instead of brown but she figured that trick out pretty quick once the drugs wore off.

Of course, since I can't seem to function without looming disaster, I decided on Tuesday night to put books on the top shelf of our new bookshelves. One of them, a murder mystery natch, decided to leap to its death and whack me on the bridge of the nose. And whack my eye.

Yes, gentle readers, my mother had a cornea transplant on Tuesday morning and Tuesday night I sympathetically scratched my eyeball with a book. I have paper cuts on my eye. Mostly it just stings. They gave me some nice eyedrops and tried not to make me feel like a total idiot.

I seem to have the wackiest accidents. One time, I busted my ass. Literally. Coccyx go boom. And they can't cast that one.

The mitten knitting is all done and wrapped except for the last pair, which don't have to be completed until some time after Christmas. Or maybe Christmas day if I decide to give that pair to someone else and knit yet another pair of the damn things for the original intended recipient. I even had time to knit a scarf which is also already wrapped. So, no pictures.

The pattern is from the Louisa Harding accessories book and it's the Gardening Mitts. Very quick and fun to knit. Lovely yarn. Makes me itch. I loathe angora!

And what to my wondering eyes should appear today? Husband never shops until the absolute last minute. However, he gives pretty good gifties. There is a Little Blue Box under the tree now. Of course, it's gonna have to be pretty good because he's get season seven of The Simpsons and a PS2 from me!