Monday, December 05, 2005

To hell with Dorothy Parker

I got these on Friday.

Going from no glasses to progressives is a bit of an adjustment. Nevertheless, they do rock. And the inside of the frame is purple. Baby!

Wait 'til you see the sunglasses.

I was a little bit busy over the weekend with a church Christmas party. The Bean had fun.

As promised,

Still Life with Pre-School Foot

The main color is much less variegated in person. I had to start a new ball of yarn for the ribbing around the neck and arms, and it is a bit darker than the other two balls. I was a bit perturbed but I got over it.

The original pattern called for the fair isle section to be the same on the front and back. I felt that on me, it would be a bit much - I'm short enough without a pattern cutting me in half. So, I took one motif and put that in the center back. I'm very pleased. Overall, this was a fun and quick knit.

The pattern is from Araucanian Moments by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton. The yarn specified was Nature Wool Chunky. I used regular Nature Wool and also added waist shaping. The only issue is that the shoulders hang over mine a bit, but it's not an actual problem. More like something I'd think about for the next vest I knit but not worth ripping this one back.

I bought this today. Bad, bad Liz. This stuff is like crack.

One skein of a mohair loop and one of a mohair and wool. They are from Lonesome Stone in Colorado. The colorway is Hot Rod Red. I think a more accurate name would be Lipstick since it's reds and pinks but, regardless, it's pretty stuff. I have an idea in my head but what really happens may be another story.