Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What the?

Two days ago it was 89F.

Today, not so much.

And the mercury is falling.

Yes, I'm happy that I can wear my woolens, but there's this whole sleet thing going on that is a total pain.

I'm supposed to have my hair cut at 1pm. It's taken me TWO MONTHS to grow my hair out to where it's over an inch long. Seriously. The nutjob who cut my hair last time was, clearly, a nutjob. So, new guy cutting my hair today, I'm all psyched and lo and behold - sleet. It had better hold off until after I get my hair done and pick the Bean up from school. Or I'm going to be Not Pleased.

In the plus column, I got alot of Christmas shopping done today. I loathe Christmas shopping.