Tuesday, January 24, 2006

At the top, you can see a preview of the almost- finished Pipkin. I have to weave in all of the ends and give her a good steam before she'll be ready for her public.

Oh, and I have to find buttons. The buttons, however, will have to wait until I finish Hip Hop - I don't want to make two trips to the button store.

I love this sweater. It came out like a short, boxy jacket - very good fit. I'll post a review of the project and yarn when I put up the FO pic.

At the bottom, you see that I have begun the interminable process of finishing the Hip Hop Coat. Right now, I'm knitting the collar. I'm not looking forward to picking up eleventymillion stitches for the button bands. It's all I can do not to cast on for another project, but I'm trying to stay strong.

ETA: I have no idea why the hell this picture is so dark but I'm too lazy to fix it since the objects aren't finished anyway.

ETA2: It was parent observation day today at Bean's ballet class and she kept insisting I do the same foot movements and then telling the teacher, loudly, that I was helping. Gee, thanks a ton sweetie.