Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I'm making huge progress on Cat. I should finish it today. This is a fun pattern and I'm loving the Noro Iro. It's soooo soft. I wish they made a lighter weight version. It's much nicer than Silk Garden.

The pattern picture used a colorway with more color variation but it had quite alot of green in it which did not appeal to me. This colorway has more brown and less pink than I originally thought, but I like it alot.

Once Cat is complete, I cast re-start the Hip Hop Coat. I'm moving up a needle size on that one.

And here is the progress on the first Jaywalker sock. Hopefully, I'll finish that one this weekend! Despite my dislike of green, I like these socks. Just don't ask me to put green next to my face!

Hopefully, it'll be sunnier tomorrow and I can get some better photos than these dark and dingy ones!