Wednesday, January 11, 2006

That's a big bottle

A is for alcohol! For the ABC-Along.

This is a very large bottle of sake (2 litres) that was presented to us on December 30th after we went to dinner at our favorite sushi bar.

Barbie is included for scale. Beverages that dwarf Barbie are a bit scary.

We now have to figure out a meal to go with the sake and a large number of people to invite over because, while I could probably put a large dent in that bottle by myself, I don't really want to spend the next day or so waiting for my head to 'splode.

The knitting frenzy seems to have abated a bit. I'm not sure who's needles I was channeling, but boy howdy did I get some knitting done over the last 5 or 6 days. Oddly, my hands do not feel as if they might fall off. I'm going to work on one of the sleeves for Pipkin a bit today, but I also have lunch plans with my husband and am going to just poke around a bit before picking up Bean. I've got cards tonight so I'm doubting that I'm going to accomplish much in the knitting vein. However, I did get alot done in the bill-paying vein, so it's not a wasted day...